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Cucina Finance(UK) Limited is one of the world's leading financial company. We work with clients to help them have a thorough look about their financial situations, make better decisions, get those decisions translated quickly into actions and sustain the momentum into the future.
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About Us


Cucina Finance(UK) Limited Alternative financing we have so many brilliant consultants in a wide variety of industries, we’ve been able to pick the very best advice for alternative financing. Our lenders are boutique lenders who do loans that banks will not do. If you’ve dreamed of making your business extraordinary, our loan processes will take you there.

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Our goal at Cucina Finance(UK) Limited is to provide access to personal loans, education loan, car loan, home loan etc at insight competitive interest rates.

Financial Planning

Though it is a continuous and complex process, financial planning helps an individual to make sensible decisions about money goals in his/her life.

Investment advising

Our investment advisors review clients' goals, investment experience and risk tolerance, and determine a financial investment plan best suited for each client.


Arranging your affairs to avoid or postpone taxation is a true art, and effective tax planning can be the first step to your financial success and potential savings.

Risk Management

Risk management is intended to manage financial and other losses associated with risks to your assets or business.

Retirement Planning

Use our strategies and retirement advice, including retirement calculators to help you retire faster.